It's Time to Build A More Profitable Brand

It's Time to
Build A More

Uplevel your marketing and meet aggressive sales goals…

(even if you don’t a have marketing team)

It’s No Secret, Marketing is Tough!

With so many methods out there, it’s challenging to figure out which one is ideal for your business.

And if you make the deadly mistake of using the spaghetti method (throw everything at the wall and see what sticks) …

You can lose a lot of money and end up harming your brand image.

But there’s a better way!

At SJI Consulting, we make it easy to market your business.

With proven strategies and automations, we help businesses attract leads and convert them into loyal customers, consistently.

Marketing Strategies That Work

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Marketing Strategies

Having trouble bringing in leads? Unable to retain your customers? In 3-6 month, we'll untangle the mess and hand you back a marketing plan that works. Read more ->

What We Provide

We’ll conduct a complete analysis and create a 6-month marketing plan that includes the right marketing mix that fits your budget and resources.
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Content That Converts

Ignite your revenue by up to 23% and say goodbye to the fear of becoming irrelevant with messaging that sets your brand apart. Read more ->

Our Services

We curate content that’s relatable, upbeat and speaks to the interests, desires and needs of your target customers. Contact us for a free evaluation of your sales copy...
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Marketing Automations

It takes 5-7 interactions with a brand before a consumer makes a purchase decision. Get marketing automation puts your nurture and follow-up process on autopilot. Learn more ->


Stop performing repetitive tasks and save time. Get automation for webinars, marketing funnels, email newsletters, and sales... So you can work less and get more done
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Results That Can Be Measured


Content that sparks engagement, increase in leads and sales, repeat purchases, and a clear marketing plan are some of the measurable results you can expect from our services.

H. Ruiz - Paw Pales
"I connected with Sabrena through Linkedin. I hired her company to assist with marketing my dog grooming services. Her digital marketing helped immensely. I am well pleased with the amount of leads we now generate from social media."
S. Ceraulo - Universal Landscaping, Inc.
We don't give many referrals but Sabrena is truly a pleasure to work with. Because of the quality of work she has done with just a couple of projects, we are looking into other ways she can help us with a Facebook marketing campaign and other opportunities.
B. Etheridge
"I’ve worked with Sabrena on several high profile projects. She has a mastery of marketing and sales strategy that few I’ve seen in my 15 years in the field."
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M. Cyr - Trauma Solutions
"Amazing and professional. Has brought me a lot of work through her marketing methods! Highly recommend Sabrena!"

Before You Go! Download our free guide to determine if your digital marketing campaign needs a simple tweak or a complete overhaul.

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